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If you are interested in exploring a career in nursing, then Pre-Nursing LEAP is a good choice for
you. You’ll be part of a small student cohort, and you’ll have both a professor and a peer advisor
to guide you through the year. Pre-Nursing LEAP is compatible with both the Honors Program
and Nursing Early Assurance Program.

What will you learn?

Fall Semester we’ll discuss cultural competency in nursing. How have health care professionals
perceived and attempted to bridge gaps between dominant and marginalized communities?

Spring Semester we’ll discuss bioethical issues through the framework of the humanities, in
order to situate health care within its essential human context. What is the right thing to do, and
how do you know?

Over two semesters you’ll earn the following credits:
• Two required Humanities (HF) credits for graduation
• Diversity credit (DV) required for graduation

These components and skills will help prepare you to apply to the baccalaureate nursing
• Class visit from faculty from the College of Nursing
• Critical thinking and effective reading strategies.
• Fluency in oral and written expression.
• The ability to work effectively in teams.
• Support from a librarian from Health Sciences Library
• Completion of 25 hours of service in a healthcare facility
• Opportunity to apply for leadership role of Peer Advisor for the following year

Fall 2017 Classes

Class # Subject Cat #  Sec Days Time
1042 LEAP 1100 003 MWF 8:35am-9:25am
17384 LEAP 1100 004 MWF 9:40am-10:30am




Pre-Nursing LEAP Faculty

Carolan Ownby, Phd

801 581-3447



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