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Get involved.  Make it personal. 


LEAP IS:Librarians

  •  Open to ALL students 
  • A great way to get connected
    • Small class sizes
    • Same classmates, professor & peer advisor
    • A dedicated class librarian 
  • A way to maintain a 4-year graduation schedule by completing General Ed requirements - Humanities, Social & Behavioral Science, and Diversity (depending on course). 
  • A tool to learn valuable interpersonal skills & discuss socially relevant issues that align with your major.
  • Your key to making the Big U feel small!
  • A pipeline to possible scholarships and employment after the completion 2 LEAP courses.
  • Allows students to confidently transition in to college and to play an active role in their own education.
  • A way for students to participate in social and service activities.
  • Money Saving! The two-semester course fulfills three general education requirements for the cost of only two classes.

LEAP has over 30 sections taught by 11 faculty members.

Roughly one out of every three incoming students elects to join the program.

Individual LEAP sections, however, are small. Most are capped at 35 students. Some sections are even smaller. A sophomore or junior-level Peer Advisor is assigned to each section and stays with that section throughout the year. Thus, students, Peer Advisors, and faculty all get to know each other well and are able to form a community within the wider LEAP community.

LEAP will prepare you to succeed in your future college work by actively engaging you as an individual and in teams to think analytically, creatively, and practically about issues important to the role of the citizen, both nationally and globally.

LEAP can also:

  • Improve your writing skills.
  • Assit you in developing sophisticated library research strategies to help you in LEAP and in your other course work.
  • Connect with at least one professor. This is an important relationship when you need recommendations for awards, scholarships, internships, or jobs.
  • Have a chance to get to know your classmates and Peer Advisor.
  • Make progress on your general education requirements: completing two of these, as well as the University’s diversity requirement, by taking your fall and spring LEAP seminars.
  • Become a LEAP Scholar by participating in two semesters of LEAP:  you can earn scholarships, apply for employment, become a Peer Advisor, and be eligible for a cord at graduation. 

All LEAP courses focus on the themes of diversity and community.  There are several program options to choose from. 

You enroll in LEAP at Orientation, when you enroll in your other classes.

Visit the orientation website at or call (801)587-3177 to sign up for your orientation time. LEAP fills on a first-come, first-served basis, so the earlier you attend Orientation, the wider your choice among LEAP options will be.

Last Updated: 2/24/22