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Frequently Asked Questions

A learning community is a class you take, typically for 2 semesters, with the same professor and students.  It is designed to make the large university smaller and more accessible to you.

No, LEAP and BlockU directly help you make progress towards your degree through the completion of some or all General Education requirements. General Education requirements are requirements that ALL students must complete in order to graduate from the University of Utah.

No, you will be with your 30 student cohort for your learning community course, and many of those students may also be in your two attached courses. However, the attached courses are open to all university students so there will be other students to get to know.

HONORS students can count LEAP 1100 or LEAP 1500 towards an Honors core in Intellectual Traditions and LEAP 1140, 1501, or 1101 as an Honors elective if they receive an A or A- grade.

With the exception of one of the LEAP programs (Health Sciences LEAP) there is no application to join LEAP or BlockU. In order to enroll in LEAP or BlockU, you simply register for the Learning Community course (and affiliated courses in the case of BlockU).  You will find information on the LEAP courses under LEAP in the class schedule, and BlockU under the UGS label in the class schedule.

All LEAP classes are open to ANY student in ANY major.  You don’t have to apply – you simply register for the class. The courses are themed, but meet general education requirements.  The issues you address in LEAP may apply and connect with your major classes, but they are general education courses, NOT major courses.  They will help you meet your general education requirements.

Learning community classes are small so they help you get to know your peers and your professor.  They are designed to help you connect with the campus community and get involved.  They provide support in terms of a librarian, peer advisor, and student success advocate, and an outstanding, innovative professor.

A learning community will help you make friends fast in your class, so you have students to study with.  You will get to know your professor well, so he or she can provide intellectual connections, write letters of recommendations, and help you connect with opportunities.  A learning community class supports student learning and addresses big ideas and interdisciplinary themes.
Last Updated: 5/28/21