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Peer Advisor Job Description

 2019-2020 Peer Advisor Application

Students who complete the LEAP Seminar (both semesters in the academic year) are eligible to apply for the position of LEAP Peer Advisor.  As a Peer Advisor, you will be assigned to one freshman seminar and will work with that class for both semesters.

Peer Advisors receive $1100/ semester, fall and spring semesters of the 2019-2020 academic year, and are expected to serve ten hours/week.

The following 6 requirements are non-negotiable responsibilities for both fall and spring semesters. You should not apply if you are unable to fulfill any of them.

Mandatory Peer Advisor commitments include:

  • Completion of LEAP 2002, a training class carrying one credit that you will complete largely in the summer, online, and partly during the fall semester during the regularly scheduled PA meetings.  May be taken for one hour credit in the Spring semester.
  • Attending the LEAP PA training workshop [part of LEAP 2002]
  • Attending your seminar class every time it meets.
  • Attending two PA meetings a month, held on Tuesdays of every month at 12:15 p.m. for approximately one hour.
  • Meeting regularly with your instructor.
  • Accepting and fulfilling a specific LEAP committee assignment

Additional responsibilities include (but are not limited to):

  • helping LEAP students with their transition to the University
  • being available to LEAP students outside the classroom setting
  • organizing and leading study groups
  • assisting the professor in workshops and discussions, reading and
  • commenting on student papers in draft stage, and perhaps presenting class material
  • assisting LEAP students in learning how to use the databases for library assignments
  • assisting in planning LEAP projects and activities
  • participating in LEAP projects and activities outside of class

The kinds of criteria that the selection committee will consider include:

  • Student with a 3.3 GPA or higher
  • Full time student (12 credit hours or more) who will be at least a sophomore by the fall of the year the student will serve as Peer Advisor
  • Strong writer
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Student willing to network with college faculty and advisors
  • Student who has demonstrated willingness to participate in class discussions and ability to facilitate group work
  • Student able to model good student behavior [regular class attendance, being on time, staying for the entire class period, respect for professor and other students]
  • Student whose other employment and extracurricular responsibilities will not prevent him/her from devoting a full 10 hours/week to being a Peer Advisor
  • Responsible student who has shown him/herself able to meet commitments and deadlines
  • Student who can reasonably commit to being a PA for the entire year

A LEAP Peer Advisor must be full-time student (enrolled for at least 12 credits each semester) during their period of employment.  Renewal for Spring Semester is dependent on satisfactory performance during Fall Semester.

Students can obtain more information from

Dr. Carolan Ownby

Assistant Director, LEAP Program

156 Sill Center

Phone: 581-3447



Peer Advisor Handbook

Last Updated: 1/28/19