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Who are Peer Advisors?

  • Peer Advisors are students who participated in the LEAP experience so successfully as first-year students that we hired them to come back as role models, liaisons, and helpers.
  • Each LEAP section has a Peer Advisor, and they are in the class every day, along with the students. They can answer students’ questions about class content as well as questions about how to navigate the University.
  • To prepare for their responsibilities, Peer Advisors take an online summer class and participate in a two-day workshop just before classes begin.
  • They meet as a cohort twice a month for the school year, and take on a committee assignment to help the LEAP program.
  • They can get credit for this experience by enrolling in LEAP 2002.
  • Peer Advisors are the leaders of the LEAP program, and being able to include the position on a resume is a benefit.
  • Peer Advisors often go on to other leadership and service positions on campus.

Tools for Current Peer Advisors:

  • Meeting Dates
      • 1st Tuesday, PA Board Mtg.
      • 2nd Tuesday, All PA's
      • 3rd Tuesday, PA Activities
      • 4th Tuesday, All PA's
      • 5th Tuesday, Wild Card
Last Updated: 6/3/24