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Students who have completed a full year (both semesters) as a Peer Advisor are qualified to apply for the position of Senior Peer Advisor.  As Senior Peer Advisor, you will be assigned to one freshman seminar and will work with that class for both semesters. Working with other Senior Peer Advisors, you will also assume a leadership position within the Peer Advisor cohort.

Senior Peer Advisors receive $1250/ semester, fall and spring semesters of the 2020-2021 academic year, and are expected to serve a minimum of ten hours/week.

These are non-negotiable responsibilities for both fall and spring semesters. 
You should not apply if you are unable to fulfill any of them.

Senior PA positions include certain core responsibilities, but also vary each year depending on the decisions the Board itself makes. General responsibilities are as follows:

  • Be an enthusiastic leader of LEAP Peer Advisors and LEAP events and activities

  • Be a PA in your assigned professor’s LEAP seminar

  • Participate in the online Summer Forum & come to the PA Workshop Aug. 19-21, 2020

  • Meet with the LEAP PA Coordinator once a month (These meetings take place during the normal PA meeting time in the week that the general PA meeting is not held.)

  • Plan and lead three PA meetings and activities including training, speakers, and announcements three times a month

  • Oversee Slack communication channels to aid in organizing and informing PAs

  • Oversee Project Management positions filled by PAs

  • Oversee semester fundraiser and service projects with PA Project Managers

  • Lead transition document creation and collection in April. (This is an effort to have every PA write down what they did in their Project Management position as well as how they functioned as a PA with their assigned professor.)

Student able to work with the other Senior PA to create an energetic atmosphere in the PA meetings
Student with a sense of creativity
Student with a vision of how you can specifically make the LEAP experience better for both Peer Advisors and students
Student with a 3.5 GPA or higher
Full time student who will be at least a junior by the fall of the year s/he serves as Senior Peer Advisor
Student who served as a successful Peer Advisor (for example, successfully carried out committee assignments)
Student who’s other employment and extracurricular responsibilities will not prevent him/her from devoting a full 10 hours/week to being a Senior Peer Advisor.  However, remember that your weekly load will likely be higher than 10 hours.
Student who can reasonably commit to being Senior PA for the entire academic year

LEAP Senior Peer Advisors must be full-time students (enrolled for at least 12 credits each semester) during their period of employment. 
Renewal for Spring Semester is dependent on satisfactory performance during Fall Semester.

Peer Advisors may obtain more information from

Dr. Jennifer Seagrave
LEAP Peer Advisor Coordinator
158 Sill Center
Phone: 801-599-3569


Peer Advisor Handbook

Last Updated: 11/19/20