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Course Options

All LEAP courses have a Peer Advisor and Library Research as part of the class.

Students will be introduced to the construction of identity and community from a behavioral and social science perspective and will study art and literature of various cultures and communities.

Engineering LEAP (E-LEAP)  classes focus on how engineering can impact humans;  through policy changes, innovation, or the impact it may have on the surrounding community.

This class is designed to support minoritized STEM groups and is geared toward fostering a community of support on campus.


This course will focus on global citizenship and is aimed to push students to think more globally by focusing on Korean society and its inter-connections with American society.

This two semester course examines bio ethical issues through the framework of humanities in order to situate health care within its essential human context.

In this course, students will examine and discuss topics related to the production of and the ability people have to  consume healthy food and clean water.

How do people perceive nature? What end does it serve? In this course we seek to gain an appreciation of how nature has been understood in America from the exploratory period to the present day.

Pre-Law LEAP is a great way to start your college career. Also, it is the first year of a multi-year LEAP program focusing on diverse topics and make you a more competitive applicant for law-school.

Complete community service as part of a small class with social justice carefully considered. We also want connect you with the Bennion Community Service Center on Campus.

These courses focus global issues: poverty, homelessness and social services; public health; opioid crisis; debt and higher education; global climate change; population growth and sustainability.

This course addresses how the social sciences attempt to explain human behavior and understand the complexities societies. Using their knowledge, student will interpret a social problem of importance in society today

STEM LEAP is for students who are considering pursuing degrees in order to enter fields including health, medicine, research, technology. We will be focusing on what it means to be human.



Last Updated: 2/8/22