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Arts LEAP and Fine Arts LEAP

Arts LEAP for Everyone

What will I learn?

  • Social & Behavioral Science (fall) – Examine some of the current global and cross-cultural issues as seen through the lens of the social sciences and the arts.
  • Humanities/Diversity (spring) – Discuss contemporary issues and expand your thinking about diverse American experiences and diverse communities through film, social and entertainment media, literature and the arts.

Fine Arts LEAP  (Online ONLY)

What will I learn?

  • Social/Behavioral Science (fall) – Discover how and where you, the arts, and Utah fit in our complex world and how science and art work together to address social issues
  • Humanities/Diversity (spring) – In this class we examine intersections of diverse communities through creative and cutting-edge expressions in the arts and explore how you can promote creativity to meet the demands of today’s world.


2 Semesters of LEAP Fulfill 

One Humanities (HF) general education requirement 

One Social Behavioral Science (BF) general education requirement

University’s Diversity Requirement (DV) 


 Arts and Fine Arts LEAP Fall 2019

Class # Subject Category  Section Day/Time
      Arts LEAP
17778 LEAP 1101 008 MoWeFr / 09:40AM-10:30AM 
      Fine Arts LEAP - ONLINE ONLY
17770 LEAP 1101 090 ONLINE




Last Updated: 5/20/19