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Social & Behavioral Science

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 The intersection of technology and the lived human experience.

From digital surveillance of your Insta and Snapchat habits to how Google chooses to autocomplete your search inquiry, our lives are saturated with technology. This course explores how different social science disciplines study our individual and collective lived experiences in this tech-saturated society, and will provide you tools for understanding what is r/Real in our highly manipulated, artificially individualized, technologically-enhanced lived experience.

These LEAP courses fulfill three gen ed requirements toward graduation, and fulfill allied hours for most majors in the
College of Social & Behavioral Science.  


Fall is the Social Science (BF) portion of CSBS LEAP.

You will learn how to utilize social science research to assess any claim made by anyone about anything. These are mad research skills that will help you during all of undergrad work, and will make you unstoppable for the rest of your life. Seriously... these are MAD. SKILLS. You’ll learn to:

·       Find whether scholarly academic work supports or refutes any claim anyone makes
·       Understand the numbers people throw around
·       Identify the biases that contribute to various arguments and perspectives
·       Basically, you’re gonna learn when and how to call bs… no lie, it’s like a super power

Spring section is underconstruction... More information coming!!

General Education Credits

  • Fall Semester Social & Behavioral Sciences (BF) 
  • Spring Humanities (HF) and the University Diversity Requirement (DV.) 
  • These classes will also fulfill allied hours for your major in the College of Social & Behavioral Science.

Coco James, PhD.



 Social and Behavioral Science SPRING 2023

Class # Subject Cat# Section Type Days/Time
17937 LEAP 1215 001 IN PERSON TuTh/09:10AM-10:30AM
17938 LEAP 1215 002 IN PERSON TuTh/10:45AM-12:05PM


Did you know that 20% of the students who graduate from the University of Utah receive a degree in a major from the College of Social & Behavioral Science? Working jointly with the College of Social & Behavioral Science, the LEAP Program has created SBS-LEAP, A two course experience, specifically focused on helping you determine the social science major for you.  

Follow the link for more information on majors in the College of Social and Behavioral Science



Last Updated: 3/23/23