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Pre-Law LEAP



Pre-Law LEAP is a great way to start your college career and make you a more competitive applicant for the legal profession.

As a participant in Pre-Law LEAP, you will take courses with students who share similar career and educational goals and diverse backgrounds. You will be able to develop a close relationship with your professor and a peer advisor, who will help you take advantage of the many enjoyable activities and programs the U offers.

First Year – In your first semester of the program, you take a Humanities class and read the memoirs of attorneys, judges and those involved in important legal cases. In the second semester, you take a class on the role of law in society and study legal decisions and their impact on society. These classes will fulfill your humanities general education and university diversity requirements.

Second Year – You hear guest lecturers from judges and attorneys with various legal specialties and observe actual cases in court. You take a logic course to help you learn how to think as attorneys think and to prepare for logic questions on the LSAT. The logic class you take will fulfil QB Graduation requirement.

Third Year –For the first semester, you work in the Quinney Pro Bono clinics, Rocky Mountain Innocence Project and other legal service groups. You will receive Community Engagement Learning credit for this work. In the second semester, you will take research-and-writing classes that will help you understand what different law schools offer and help you present yourself to law school selection committees. You also receive advanced witing credit for this semester.

Fall 2018 Classes

Class # Subject Cat #  Sec Days/Time
1002 LEAP  1100 002 MWF / 08:35AM-09:25AM
1026 LEAP  2700 001 W / 12:55PM-01:45PM
1032 LEAP  3700 001 M / 02:00PM-02:50PM




Pre-Law Faculty

Ann Engar, PhD

801 581-4891



Last Updated: 2/20/19