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Community Engaged Learning

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This Community Engaged Learning LEAP course takes a close look at food and water justice, a grassroots effort to ensure broad access to fresh, nutritious, affordable, culturally-appropriate food and adequate clean water.

Food justice is linked to economic justice and racial justice, both of which are considered carefully through course materials and community engaged learning. Both the production of and ability to consume healthy food and clean water are considered in this course. Through dynamic community engaged learning, we connect with groups across the U campus and in the Salt Lake Valley whose missions align with food justice.

We have a great time in this class –I look forward to having you join us!

-Dr. CoCo James

This course is a community-engaged course which includes elements of both in-class and community-based learning opportunities. Real world service is built in and the course curriculum is purposefully tied to that service. Social justice is carefully considered within this framework.

Community Engaged Learning LEAP carries BF  and CEL general education course attributes. BF courses “help students understand institutions, cultures, and behaviors by focusing on big questions... with fundamental concepts, theories, and methods of analysis used in the social and behavioral sciences, and enable students to think critically about the diversity of human behavior and society...” CEL courses “include elements of both in-class and community-based learning opportunities.”

Twenty-five hours of service are built in to this class, and course curriculum is purposefully tied to that service.

• one of two required Social and Behavioral Science (BF) credits for graduation
• one of two required Humanities (HF) credits for graduation
• Diversity credit (DV) required for graduation
• 6 Credit Hours of Community Engaged Learning Designated Coursework
      (fills one of the requirements to be a Bennion Scholar)

CoCo James, PhD.


Community Engaged Learning

Fall 2023

 Class #   Subject   Catalog #   Section #  Day/Time
15210 LEAP 1200 001     MoWe / 11:50AM-1:10PM    
Last Updated: 6/9/23