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If you’re interested in having community service be a part of your education, Service LEAP is a
good choice for you. Over two semesters, you’ll complete 50 hours of community service. And,
as part of a small class, you’ll have both a professor and a peer advisor to guide you through the
year. We’ll also connect you with the Bennion Community Service Center on Campus.

What will you learn?

Fall Semester we’ll discuss community, and how it is impacted by concepts like scientific
racism and eugenics. We’ll also look at this impact from specific vantage points, such as
apartheid in South Africa and genocide in Rwanda.

Spring Semester we’ll discuss the same idea of community, but in the context of the United
States. We’ll talk about immigrants, refugees, illegal immigration, and some of the issues
important to Native Americans. We’ll ask questions like “what are the requirements to be an

Over two semesters you’ll earn the following credits:
• one of two required Social and Behavioral Science (BF) credits for graduation
• one of two required Humanities (HF) credits for graduation
• Diversity credit (DV) required for graduation
• 6 Credit Hours of Community Engaged Learning Designated Coursework (fills one of the
requirements to be a Bennion Scholar)


 FALL 2019 Class

Class # Subject Cat #  Sec Days/Time
  LEAP  1101 001 MWF / 10:45AM-11:35AM








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