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Dealing with Difference - LEAP 3050



LEAP 3050 is a one semester class designed to help integrate students into the University of Utah, while fulfilling the University’s International (IR) requirement.

LEAP 3050 asks such questions as:

  • What is “race”?
  • How has race been defined historically? How has this definition become institutionalized?
  • What is “eugenics”?
  • What’s the connection between race and class?
  • What is “structural violence”?
  • How are colonization, modernity and globalization related?
  • In any area where there are layers of identity, is more significance given to the earliest or the latest identity?
  • How does a rigid definition of community like apartheid or caste affect society in general?
  • Can the goals of general society be reached by separation, or will one group

      inevitably be favored over the others? 

  • How is diversity dealt with in countries such as India,

     Australia, Rwanda and South Africa.

LEAP 3050 students have access to:

  • Help transitioning to the U
  • Peer Advisor in the class
  • A University library research introduction
  • Classroom visit from a Career Services representative
  • Introduction to Campus resources


 Fall 2018 Class

Class # Subject Cat #  Sec Days Time
1077 LEAP  3050 001 TH 10:45am-12:05pm




Carolan Ownby, PhD

801 581-3447


Last Updated: 5/10/18