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 STEM LEAP - Refuges Program

STEM leap

STEM LEAP is for students who are considering pursuing degrees in order to enter fields including health, medicine, research, technology, and teaching in these disciplines at either the K-12 or college level. It is interdisciplinary and focuses on the impact of science professions in the wider community. STEM LEAP features fulfillment of general education requirements, small classes, faculty and peer mentoring, ongoing academic advising, and providing students with the experiences they need to understand their options and to choose a satisfying career in the sciences.

Stem LEAP is a partnership with the Refuges program

STEM Faculty

Stephen Maicsh, PhD

801 581-5289


STEM LEAP Fall 2019 

Class Subject Cat #  Sec Time Location 
17777 LEAP  1101 007 MoWeFr / 10:45AM-11:35AM LEAP House




Last Updated: 5/21/19