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LEAP 1060 - Library Research


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The libraries on the University of Utah campus actively work to promote academic integrity and student success and are proud to partner with the LEAP program.  Librarians engage in the student learning experience with LEAP 1060, a hands-on research course that directly supports student success. 

Students learn about valuable library services and resources, and how to assess the value of all information via applied information literacy and critical thinking skills.

Students get a head start on developing sophisticated research strategies for the discovery, creation and application of knowledge throughout their academic career and beyond.

Students will get to know a research librarian in the learning community who acts as a research coach and mentor for the LEAP experience, and who helps students plan to finish for the rest of their academic career.

 With the help of their peers, LEAP faculty and the academic librarian network, students will work in an academic environment that cultivates the highest standards of intellectual integrity and scholarship. 


LIbrary research is included in your LEAP class.  You can get academic credit for this course in LEAP 1060, in the Spring Semester. 

Enrollment in two semesters of LEAP is required to complete the Library Research class.



J. Willard Marriott Library

The University of Utah

Last Updated: 4/26/18