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The Academic Outreach projects now being supervised by UGS were initiated to increase educational equity and access to institutions of higher education among first-generation students and students of color in the state of Utah through collaborative programming which starts in the PreK-12 formative educational years and continues through adulthood.

LEAP Program Partnerships

Reach for your Dreams 

Since 2005, the Health Sciences LEAP Program has offered opportunities to students of color in its fourth year classes to participate in the “Reach for Your Dreams” Project for elementary school students at Mountain View and Riley Elementary schools.  The project is centered on providing education and information to third-grade students about higher education.  Since 2005, Health Sciences LEAP students have worked as mentors, tutors, and presenters of information on college careers to well over 500 students.  In addition, the LEAP students have forged excellent relationships with teachers at both schools who are excited for the program to continue.  Pre- and post-surveys which attempt to measure the success of the program have been offered each year and demonstrate that the elementary students’ interest in careers requiring college education has increased.  In addition, a coordinator LEAP student intern has supervised the project since 2009, gaining invaluable leadership experience.

Bryant Middle School and Beyond Projects 

Since 2009, a new collaboration with Health Sciences LEAP fourth-year students has partnered these students with the local Rotary Club to deliver assessment of student tutoring at Bryant Middle School as well as to track students identified in middle school as having college potential as they continue their educations at West or East High.  These students will receive “Prospective College Scholarships” guaranteed to them if they complete high school, take a college preparatory curriculum, and maintain a certain GPA. John Bennion of the Rotary Club supervises the LEAP students in these projects.

LEAP to the U  (under revision)

See You at the U 

“See You at the U” is a project of the LEAP Peer Advisors that brings 80-100 non-English-speaking middle school students to the campus for a day of activities designed to interest them in higher education and to show them that the U is a friendly and welcoming place.  Students visit classes, see demonstrations, and typically have lunch at Heritage Center.  They also get a souvenir T-shirt or other small gift.  The program was pioneered in 2003.

Last Updated: 5/28/21