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LEAP and Honors Connection


To qualify for the Honors College, LEAP students must have a cumulative GPA of 3.50.  LEAP students who enter the Honors College after their freshman year are given credit for two courses, if they have completed both LEAP sections with an A or A- grade.  After they are admitted into the Honors College, they will be advised to take the following courses in order to complete the Honors Certificate.

  1.  One semester of Honors Core in Intellectual Traditions

  2.  One semester of Honors Writing, either Honors 2211 or 3200

One additional Honors course (American Institutions, Honors Calculus, Construction of Knowledge, Honors Core in Intellectual Traditions, Honors Core in Social and Behavioral Science, Honors Core in Physical and Life Science, Honors Core in Fine Arts, or any of the Honors Seminars).

Special Considerations:

1. Honors students seeking the Certificate may not AP out of any of the five required courses.

2. The Honors Calculus is no longer required for a University Honors Degree but will instead be satisfied by the student's departmental requirement.

3. Students enrolled in University Honors may also take classes offered through Departmental Honors if they have fulfilled the pre-requisites to do so.  These Departmental Honors courses count as electives toward the Certificate.

4. Students must maintain a cumulative 3.50 GPA


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