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Fine Arts & Arts LEAP

What will I learn?

Expand your thinking about contemporary issues through the humanities, social sciences and arts-based projects for:

Relevance - practical applications of the arts for today's world

Connectivity - a social experience that you will use your whole life and in your careers

Creative Expression and Innovation - capturing your audience, communicating your message, making a difference

3 requirements fulfilled by only 2 courses:

  • LEAP 1101 (Fall) satisfies a Social Science general education requirement
  • LEAP 1100 (Spring) satisfies BOTH the University Diversity requirement AND a Humanities general education requirement

Option 1:  Online course exclusively for fine arts majors

Option 2:  Face-to-face course for those who major in and love the arts T/H 12:25-1:45 p.m.

 LEAP 1100 – Fine Arts LEAP: Seminar in Humanities Fall 2018
LEAP 1101 – Fine Arts LEAP: Seminar in Social Sciences Spring 2019


Class # Subject Cat #  Sec Days Time Location 
  LEAP 1100   TH 12:25pm-1:45pm  
  LEAP 1100   Online N/A N/A



Fine Arts LEAP Faculty

Jennifer Brown, PhD

801 213-2781

Last Updated: 1/31/18