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Fine Arts LEAP

What will I learn?

Humanities - Debate contemporary issues and expand your thinking about diverse American experiences and communites through film, literature, media and the arts.

Social/Behavioral Science - Analyze current cross-cultural concerns for our increasing complex world through the lens of the social sciences and the arts.

Library Research skills -  Practice professional research techniques for creative and scholarly work in the arts, humanities and social sciences.

Fine Arts LEAP
  • Relevance - practical applications for today's world
  • Connectivity - a social experience that you will use your whole life and in your careers
  • Creative expression - capturing your audience, communicating your message, making a difference

Two-semester sequence for 3 Credits:
1. Diversity
2. Humanities
3. Social Science
• Concentrates on your interests if you enjoy or study the fine arts such as: Theater, Music, Film, Dance, Visual Arts, Architecture and Art History

LEAP 1100 – Fine Arts LEAP: Seminar in Humanities Fall 2017
LEAP 1101 – Fine Arts LEAP: Seminar in Social Sciences Spring 2018

Class # Subject Cat #  Sec Days Time Location 
1085 LEAP 1100 005 TH 10:45am-12:05pm BU C 301



Fine Arts LEAP Faculty

Jennifer Brown, PhD

Last Updated: 6/15/17